10 Reasons why Brands Need to use Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is the Leading Digital Advertising Method today 

Programmatic is the perfect fit for all businesses. It is a more affordable way of buying ads and has the benefit of scale and accuracy in reaching the right audience. It can work for the small and mid-size brands as well as big-budget brands.

First things first, it would be wrong to go into all the weird and wonderful things brands can do with programmatic advertising without first debunking the myth that you need endless bags of cash to get started. The beauty of real-time, audience-focused programmatic buying means we end up with far less wastage and far more bang for your buck. So, if you don’t have tons of budget to play with, or you want programmatic to prove itself before investing more, rest assured there will be an approach for you. 

The following are few important reasons that state why businesses need to start making their advertisements programmatic: 

1. Programmatic Reach is Huge

“I don’t want to reach as much of my target audience as possible,” said no one ever. We’re all agreed that the most efficient forms of advertising reach their desired audience at scale. Programmatic advertising allows us to do just that. With access to ad space across millions of sites, programmatic opens up the opportunity to find and engage your audience wherever they are. With the help of the right strategy and effective utilization of technology in place, your programmatic advertising campaigns will work best for your digital marketing campaign. 

2. Allows To Spend Your Advertising Budget Wisely 

One of programmatic big appeals for marketers has been its ability to improve the efficiency of online ad buying. With access to huge amounts of data, businesses can target viewers with the right message, in the right channel, at the right time. This way, businesses can make their ad budget smarter by eliminating waste on viewers who are unlikely to be interested in their product. The overall efficiency of digital advertising has dramatically improved with the ability to measure a campaign throughout its entirety. Real-time measurement allows advertisers to track their campaigns while making adjustments and optimizations as needed. Optimizing ensures that each campaign runs efficiently, reaching only those ideal targeting customers while using the budget effectively. With programmatic advertising, you don’t spend money on those who won’t even give a second glance to it. The cost-effective process or robust targeting allows you to create a more effective campaign with less budget. Unlike traditional advertisement, programmatic advertising is cheaper and yields high ROI. 

3. Higher Efficiency 

Since its inception, programmatic advertising has allowed brands to reach prospective customers in real time. The ad buying experience is now faster, cheaper and simpler for companies that run digital advertising campaigns. Programmatic buying involves acquiring remnant inventory, as opposed to premium inventory. This means that the cost per impression (CPM) is significantly lower than when you purchase premium inventory from a publisher. This has a positive impact on your ROI. Programmatic buying allows the advertiser to buy directly from the source, instead of going through agencies, which has made the entire ad-buying process more streamlined. This means less time spent negotiating the right price point, saving advertisers time and money. When you use programmatic in your digital marketing then it is the only platform that offers you high-quality leads and. the only platform where you can have maximum efficiency in your work. 

4. More Transparency

Programmatic buying provides the advertiser with more transparency on the remnant inventory they are purchasing, which gives advertisers peace of mind knowing that their brand image is intact. Transparency is the first step towards spend optimization. Brands can have full transparency over fees, with transparency over where and how much money is being spent on what. Programmatic advertising offers a layer of transparency that marketers can’t get from traditional advertising. Through programmatic advertising, you can see the exact sites your advertisements are reaching, the type of customer looking at your ad, and any additional costs associated with the ad space in real-time. This way, optimizations can be made on the fly and can occur in a much more efficient and educated way. 

5. Optimization and Real-time Measurement 

Real-time reporting and data measurement is every marketer and advertiser’s dream, isn’t it? Well, programmatic advertising allows you to check and manage the campaign’s development in real-time via one dashboard. It also helps you to adjust bids and targeting as needed. It provides the ability to measure exactly how creatives, campaigns, or overall targeting performs as soon as the campaign is launched. Unlike traditional advertising, you don’t have to wait until the end of the campaign to get results. And, unlike traditional practices, advertisers also do not need to wait for an excel sheet from their media agency to optimize the results of a live campaign. Therefore, the programmatic method allows advertisers to optimize and adjust ads for improved results and clear oversight of their ad spend. 

6. Multichannel Reach 

It’s not easy to figure out where to put ad budgets when the formats keep changing and growing. People now own far more consumer electronics devices than in any preceding decade: a smartwatch, a smartphone, a tablet, and so on. Advertisers may target all of these devices by using an omnichannel strategy. Programmatic ad tech enables them to simplify ads while also customizing them for different devices. An omnichannel approach enables advertisers to better track and predict client behaviour and generate maximum conversations by serving the ad in the appropriate media and at the appropriate moment. Programmatic advertising is an important part of using creative marketing to provide an inspiring experience for your audience. Programmatic tactics will help you reach your audience where they want to be found. 

7. You are in Control

Programmatic advertising has many a perk, but one of the most invaluable benefits is the freedom it gives brands to press pause and make changes to campaigns in mid-flight. From a performance perspective, it allows optimizations to be made to upweight the best performing audiences, sites, time of day and so on, helping to continuously boost results. With programmatic buying, the advertiser will waste no time in launching a campaign. The automated nature of programmatic buying means audiences and advertisers can connect across any device, at any time, and in any place – all in a fraction of a second. A good programmatic advertising platform gives marketers an opportunity to keep complete control of the publishers they want to use to target their target audience. 

8. The Targeting Possibilities are Pretty Much Endless

Programmatic advertising has the ability to target the right audience. You can choose a time and the day when your ads are to be seen and get specified as you want. You can target your audience based on their interest, preferences, browsing behaviour, and locations, and more. With programmatic buying, it is easier to segment your audience into marketing lists, making it easier to target the right audience, in the right context, and at the right time. Advertisers can directly reach their ideal consumers for any given goal. Some examples are also IP targeting, geolocation targeting, contextual keyword, and the list goes on. And, don’t forget about the all-important and widely used retargeting. Only two percent of consumers convert on the first visit to a website. With retargeting, marketers and advertisers can continue reaching the other 98 percent of consumers now that they’re aware of your brand and encourage them to convert. 

9. Valuable Insights

This term of advertising gives you valuable insights about your marketing campaigns to improve their performance. You will be amazed to know that programmatic takes more than enough data for a thorough examination. These insights will help you know the performance of your overall digital marketing. Programmatic buying works by using automated technology, which improves the efficiency and performance of your campaign. This means you can gather and analyse the data more efficiently, and draw on your insights to improve the performance of the campaign. We no longer live in a world where programmatic campaigns are set up and delivered with no insight into where our ads ended up. When running either across the open-exchange, or a pre-agreed list of sites, brand safety and transparency are paramount. With strict measures in place to exclude sites and content deemed unsafe, brands can be confident that they’re reaching their intended audience in perfectly acceptable, brand-safe environments.

10. More User-Friendly

Your audience wants to see more engaging and eye-catching ads that fulfil their needs and wants. Making more personalized ads will help you grasp the eye of your audience and their attention. And this is the only aim of every marketer to make their ads more appealing. Long gone are the days where click-focused banner ads were the only formats associated with programmatic. These days, brands can engage their audience with highly interactive digital creative units, drive them to store using in-built maps, or simply wow them with a beautifully-designed web takeover format, which – yes, you guessed it – can be bought and served on an individual user basis in real-time.

In an increasingly competitive online world, now more than ever, it’s important for your brand to be active and compete in the programmatic space. Your competitors are already talking to your potential customers through their own programmatic campaigns and benefit from the extra edge this type of digital buying creates. Now’s the time to look at the challenges you face and activate media solutions that work best for you. Get in touch with Content Exchange and find out more.