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The unique Content Exchange platform was created for publishers and advertisers. It helps publishers to reach new audiences and monetize their content on websites they trust. It enables advertisers and brands to connect with the global advertising networks, to reach the right audience at the right time and to attract targeted customers with personalized ads locally, regionally or globally and to offer them products or services that correlate with their interests and characteristics.

The Content Exchange platform is a Self-serve advertising platform for executing programmatic advertising campaigns. It enables advertisers to execute advertising campaigns independently on their own, as well as to execute advertising campaigns indirectly, managed by the Content Exchange experts. Advertisers can build awareness, educate and influence consumers in discovery mode, optimize conversions: purchases, App downloads, video views & more, grow audience, traffic & conversions.

The main benefits are: (I) Global reach and outstanding inventory, (II) Quality and safe traffic, (III) Easy campaign setup, (IV) Advanced targeting options with unique profiles based on personal characteristics and interests, (V) The use of all ad formats, (VI) Setting up conversions and retargeting, (VII) Price efficiency, (VIII) Monitoring analytics and reports, (IX) Transparent billing overview, (X) Personal customer support.

Visit the link and create a unique, password-protected Account. To register an Account You will be required to submit an email address and password and Company Name. Upon the creation  of Your account, You will receive a confirmation email that Your Account is valid.

We are sorry that Your account has been terminated, but We reserve the right to terminate or to suspend access to Your Account at any time for the following reasons: (i) You are entirely responsible for the accuracy of Your information and keeping it up-to-date; failure to do so will constitute a breach of these Terms and I.R.V. reserves the right to terminate Your Account; (ii) If We believe that, Your actions are illegal, fraudulent, harassing, abusive, or may cause legal liability or other harm for I.R.V. Account holders, or any other party – We reserve the right to terminate or to suspend access to Your Account at any time; (ii) All accounts that have no deposited funds are placed on hold and all the advertising campaigns are stopped, until the account is funded. If Your Account is inactive for a twelve-month period (i.e., You did not log into Your account during 12 months), Your account will be closed.

Please contact the Content Exchange representative and We will review Your request individually. In case We terminate or suspend Your account the execution of it comes immediately. It means that from this moment You will not be able to access services, nor will You be able to create a new account on the platform. If it comes to our attention that You run another account on Content Exchange Self-serve advertising platform (information based on personal data, content type, etc.), We may terminate this related account instantly too.

The recommended payment for the platform usage should be at least € 1.000 for Your first campaign. The amount of the First Deposit should be deemed a non-refundable Guarantee deposit, which serves as a monetary guarantee for the safe and proper usage of the platform on Your side, covering the maintenance and our efforts regarding Your launch on the platform. The Guarantee deposit is non- refundable in any case and You accept and agree that in the case of the requested refund for any reason, of whatsoever nature, such First Deposit shall be excluded from the amount of the requested refund.

In case You want to delete Your Content Exchange account, You need to send us a written notice about such a decision. In this case, the remaining account balance will be refunded (minus administrative fee – 15%, and minus the Guarantee deposit, if applicable, which is extracted from the remaining account balance in 30 days). Refunds might be requested not later than within 45 (forty – five) days as of the date of the allocation of the funds to Your Content Exchange account. The refund requested with incorrect payment details is not subject to processing and will be returned to You without an execution. 

No refunds are provided in case Your account is terminated due to malicious, fraudulent or inappropriate content, including but not limited to auto direct links, deceptive advertising, adult thematics, prohibited products and services, dating, etc. which may be detected by Us or vendor.

You need to get approval from I.R.V. before You are allowed to start running the ad on Content Exchange self-serve advertising platform. We feature integrations with traffic safety providers that monitor the traffic purity 24/7 and prevent advertising fraud and any kind of other malicious content. In order to increase the chances for successful ad approval, You should make sure it strictly corresponds to the parameters specified for it, and that it meets necessary requirements and comply with basic policies of IAB (

You can create a campaign by using three targeting options: (I) Basic targeting: Geolocation, Time by hours or days, Devices, Filter list (Domains, IP, applications, …); (II) Target Groups with the use of BEX Profiles (, 20 mio profiles in the region, created by Our own team of multidisciplinary experts, based on AI and Big Data) : Demographics, Interests, Personality, Lifestyle; (III) Target Groups with the use of BEX Custom audience segments: target groups based on key words, specific URLs, Look alike target groups, Search, interactions with ads or CTA buttons on Your website.

You can use all available ad formats: (I) Standard, (II) Special, (II) Video, (IV) Mobile, (V) Native.

Yes, you can set a daily cap within the platform. In the section Campaign choose subsection Basic Settings. Here you can set the max amount which the campaign can spend each day (set 0 if no daily spend limit needed). Please note the daily cap counts spend for all creatives of the campaign.

You should make sure Your ads strictly correspond to the parameters specified for ads, and that they meet necessary requirements and comply with basic policies of IAB (

Yes. You can manage list domains within the platform. In the section Campaign choose subsection Filter List Manager. Select the existing Filter List from the drop-down, or create a new one. In the case of White List, only items (domains, IP addresses, etc.) from the list will be targeted. In the case of Black List, the items (domains, IP addresses, etc.) from the list will NOT be targeted.

Prohibited and Restricted Content is specified in Terms and Conditions for Advertisers, under clause 16. and 17. Please thoroughly read through these terms in order to be aware of all obligations bestowed upon You. 

Conversions can be tracked with conversion tracking pixels (code placed on the webpage), postback URLs (appending a URL with a custom string containing data, often using macros) or cookie-based tracking pixels (code placed on the website). The main difference in conversion tracking between tracking pixels and postback URLs is that tracking pixels are tracked client-side and postback URLs are tracked server-side. You can find more information within help section inside of the platform.

You can track billings, invoicing and transaction history within the platform. Billing is the starting page for the new account. Make a deposit to get access to all DSP functionality (minimum payment is €100). You can view your Current Balance, Deposit and Transactions Activity, as well as Deposit, CashOut, and Daily Spend transactions.

ContentExchange platform offers the following analytics and report options: (I) Based on attributes: Date, Campaign, Creative, Traffic type, Country, Carrier, Connection Type, Application / Site name, Application / Site ID, Domain / Bundle, Device Model, Device Type, Device Brand, Operating System, OS Version, Browser Name, Deal, Size. (II) Based on metrics: Impressions, Clicks, CTR %, Conversions, Organic Conversions, Campaign Conversions, Spend, e-CPC, e-CPM, e-CPA, Bids, Wins, Win rate %. (III) For each target group.

Your security is our priority. Content Exchange has the world-class security solutions for the global ad ecosystem and Geoedge is the main security partner. 

Yes. You can create daily reports within the platform. In the section Reports activate the button Setting Daily report by choosing the ON option. (ON / OFF).

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