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You will get as many new visitors as you send from your website. The Content Exchange system works on a one-to-one cross-promotion basis, for example: If you send 1000 visitors from your website, you will get 1000 visitors back. The aim is to gain 1000 extra visitors as a totally new audience on top of your current visitors. All that through quality articles and content which increases pages per visit, time on site and that leads to better branding and content marketing. 

Content Exchange developed sophisticated algorithms that calculate exchange of visitors automatically and once you start using it, you will get your own admin backend access where you can always monitor all the statistics related to your visitors and promotion. You can see how many visitors you have sent, how many you received back to your website, how your widgets are performing and which one of your posts is receiving the most clicks.

The Content Exchange widget will be created as a banner with interesting quality content that looks like part of your website’s content. We will make it look like the rest of the articles and design on your website so visitors will not recognize the difference. 

You have complete control over the design, content and placement of your widget. The widget’s design and placement is entirely up to you. In our admin backend we even provide you with a source code for your widget, so you can customise it wherever and whenever you want in order to suit your website. You can also decide what kind of articles you will show in your widget by selecting categories of quality content. Content Exchange also provides 24/7 support in case you need to change content or modify something fast. 

Before we place widgets in your website our team of experts will suggest the best placements based on our experience in order for you to have the best result possible. Experience shows that widgets positioned directly under the articles perform the best compared to other parts of the website. The best choice is to also install the widgets on the front page of the website where they generate a substantial number of new users for your website. Our experience also shows that widgets with bigger images and highlighted text perform better than widgets with smaller images.

Unlike Google analytics our system is counting every click you receive from our system to your site. This means that if a user opens 2 of your articles in a timespan of 30 minutes we will record two clicks, while Google analytics will only record one. This also means that if a user clicks on two posts in the widget on your website, we record 2 clicks, while Google is only recording one. That means that we just present our statistics differently than Google Analytics does. 

We will promote your content on the pages that are content-related to your website. Example: If you have a page or a blog that is focused on healthy food we will show your content to readers on other websites that are related to your content. Content Exchange is always promoting high quality content from chosen media, in local language and based on the geolocation of the visitor.

Widgets on your website will display content that is relevant to your users. If your website’s content is about cars, we will only show the content that is directly related to cars. But you can also give more value and choose to show complementary content that is partly connected to your website’s content and could also interes your website visitors, for example lifestyle, sports, etc. 

Yes, you will also be able to drive revenue with included native ads in your Content Exchange widgets and monetize your existing ad inventory even when you don’t have direct campaigns. Both of those things will be available in the same widget. Native ads look like part of your content as well and readers will see them as part of your website.

Your earnings depend on your number of website’s visitors, number of ads, impressions and market. You can contact us for the estimation of your potential earnings with your website. If your website is new and your current number of visitors is small, we will advise you how you can increase your visitors with the Content Exchange system.

We show several categories of advertising. If you want you can decide  to exclude any of them.

You will get your own backend access to statistics where you will see your daily, weekly and monthly earnings and reviews of cooperation.

We will prepare all the materials, advertising positions, contract and technical matters for you. All you need to do is to implement the code on your website based on instructions we send you. 

Do you have further questions? We are happy to answer all of your concerns and help you to grow your business.