About Content Exchange

Content Exchange is a trademark and service of the I.R.V. d.o.o. company. 

We have been successfully operating in the digital media field for over 20 years. As the leading provider of digital media content exchanges in Southeast Europe, we are currently present in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Montenegro, and we are continuously expanding into new markets.

A regional leader

Over 260 of the largest publishers in the region already use Content Exchange to facilitate their acquisition of new users, monetize content, increase profit, and expand their business. Tailored specifically for website/content promotion, our service operates through a content marketing network that interconnects all participating websites, channeling coveted traffic from other top-tier platforms. This innovative approach not only enables visitors to engage with content aligned with their interests but also ensures a high-quality and enriching user experience.

Brands leverage Content Exchange to seamlessly integrate content and native advertising, effectively reaching their desired audience across various devices and at optimal times. Powered by sophisticated technology, our platform offers an extensive array of competitive advertising formats, empowering brands to achieve their campaign objectives with precision and efficiency.

Our company boasts a team of international experts spanning various disciplines including artificial intelligence, machine learning, information technology, mathematics, psychology, digital marketing, media, journalism, and more. In addition to our in-house talent, we have established cooperations with prestigious institutions such as the University of Cambridge and the Jozef Štefan Institute.

As a collaborative and interdisciplinary team, we are fully committed to our work. We assist media outlets, agencies, and businesses in effectively connecting with their target users and customers. By leveraging our expertise, we strive to continuously enhance their traffic, boost revenue, and ultimately ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders.


I.R.V. d.o.o. is part of the United Group the largest provider of media and telecommunications in Southeast Europe.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower media outlets by providing innovative solutions that optimize their traffic monetization and expand their audience reach. We strive to offer advertisers a streamlined and impactful platform for reaching their target audiences, ensuring efficient and effective advertising strategies. 

Through continuous innovation and unwavering dedication to excellence, we aim to set new standards in traffic monetization and audience engagement, ultimately shaping the future of digital advertising.