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Personalization services are priced using the following criteria:

– Company size

– Website purpose

– Content on the site

– Estimated number of conversions or redirects and / or views of personalized content or. widgets

– Average monthly pageviews

Additional consulting hours may be requested and charged for marketing, advertising, online media, content, and communication. The contracting parties agree that all additional services shall be charged at the contractor’s price list.

Yes. We have made everything necessary to comply with rules and regulations set by GDPR.

We currently collect and process data for profiling in 9 language areas.

Personalized Advertising

Personalized advertising (formerly known as interest-based advertising) is an advanced form of advertising that improves advertising relevance for users and increases ROI for advertisers. Because it works by employing online user data to target users with more relevant advertising content, it can provide an improved experience for users and advertisers alike.

In the Content Exchange database you can pick a certain personality profile that consists of behavioural and other data gathered from anonymous web users (gender, age, relationship status, location, devices, interests, lifestyle, hobbies, shopping habits, …). With the help of Content Exchange technology we can find that profile wherever on the Internet and show them your personalized message, ad or PR message.

When taking into consideration the CTR metric it is proven that personalized advertising brings better results up to 40 %.

Consumers expect content that is both useful and contextually relevant since it helps to reduce irrelevant ads, improves a way to discover new products and maks online shopping easier. And not just when it comes to shopping. The most relevant ads help consumers to find any relevant content and information on the website. The research shows over and over again that consumers prefer a more personalized digital experience.

The Personalization services are based on a database of over 20 million anonymous profiles. Our team of experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, mathematics, psychology, psychometrics, advertising, marketing, and IT managed to profile almost the entire online population of Slovenia and developed the technology to target a specific anonymous online visitor wherever on the Internet!

Content Exchange technology recognizes a visitor’s characteristics at the moment they enter a website which allows you to adjust your communication to each online visitor in real time. Content Exchange constantly follows the activities of online users and analyzes the content they like. With the help of intelligent algorithms the Content Exchange Personalization system profiles each anonymous visitor (like Google does, in a way). Each profile contains information such as demographic characteristics as well as hundreds of personal interests.

The Personalization technology can be used with all ad formats, not just banners. This means you can personalize the messages displayed in the most efficient formats:

– standard ad formats: 300×250, 970×250, 300×600, 728×90, 160×600

– special formats: expandable banner, billboard, banderole, background, takeover ads, ad breaks, Teddy Ad, Teddy Ad XL

– native ads: In Feed, In Widget, In Article

– video ads: video banner, video InArticle, video Billboard XL, Jump out TV Ad, video banderole, video ad break, interactive video background, Open Door video, Jump out TV ad XL

– mobile ads: standard banner, mobile banner, mobile banderole, mobile video banner, mobile ad break, mobile video break

– PR message

Content Exchange profiled advertising enables you more than classic re-targeting. It enables you to not only show a customer ads for products he already looked at on your website but also for a wide array of other products he might be interested in according to his overall profile and recent activities on other websites.

Profiled advertising is possible on different devices, channels and locations: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, Display, Social Media, Search, Geo-location. Different combinations enable you to optimize your advertising and PR activities, make them more efficient and reach your communications goals.

Agencies can use personalized advertising as a part of any advertising campaign. Just send us the brief and we will prepare a custom made offer for your client.

Publishers can use profiled advertising to additionally monetize their advertising space. 

Content Exchange does not interfere with your relationship with the advertiser and the agency, as your existing pricing and discount agreements and direct relationship with them remain unchanged. If you work with the agency, you will receive the order form, ad codes and campaign confirmation directly from the agency as before.

Personalized ads can be shown anywhere on the internet.

For every advertising campaign, we create a tailored offer. The CPM (Cost Per Mille) and CPC (Cost Per Click) rates vary based on the complexity and scale of the target audiences, as well as the choice of advertisement formats and media platforms.

The most important is a good brief that includes brand/ product/ service description, goals and objectives, target groups, period, budget and any specifics. Our team will take care of the rest.

Personalized Website

We crafted this product specifically to empower B2C companies in engaging with their website visitors on a more personal level. Personalized communication, customized products and services, and, most importantly, delivering the right content at the optimal moment and location are pivotal elements in the sales journey.

Content Exchange’s website personalization feature enables you to tailor interactions for every unique visitor to your site, enhance the user experience, and, as a result, significantly boost sales.

The system recognizes each visitor’s profile and dynamically adjusts the site’s content according to the visitor’s profile. It has the capability to modify virtually any element on the website, including images, text, buttons, fonts, push notifications, recommendations, and search features, among others. Essentially, there are no limitations to the extent of its customization capabilities.

Content Exchange codes work asynchronously and do not slow down the loading or speed of the website.

No. The use of the Personalized website services does not require any design or content adaptations of the website. Our technology adapts the display configuration of existing content on the website, while the design of the website remains the same as before.

Our experts can suggest changes to your website in order to improve the user experience of each web visitor if clients wish to do so.

No. Content is personalized to all website visitors. Our technology will allow you to show personalized content to all visitors, anonymous or registered.

Visitors will not notice adaptations, nor will they notice that different web visitors see different content. Instead, they will only see content that is personally interesting for them.

We recommend that you start with up to 5 audiences and optimize the personalized content within the target audiences. If you start with too many audiences you will have difficulties figuring out what works and what does not. After that you can decide what suits you best.

We offer several methods for selecting content for distinct audiences. One approach is manual, initiated at the beginning of personalization. We identify the typical customers for various products and their interests to curate the most suitable content selection for each audience. Additionally, we can establish an automated process that collects products and presents them to different audiences, offering a wide range of optimization possibilities.

Yes. You can present a service or a product (e.g. a Car) to different audiences in a different way. You can show the same car to women or men with different emphasis. You can engage women with the car’s design, color, ect. and men with technology solutions ect.

Marketing strategies and tactics vary significantly across companies. We customize our recommendations for each business to optimally showcase its products.

Customizing web content via widgets has no effect on SEO.

By personalizing the content on the website, the visitor sees a product closer to their interests and desires, which will increase pages per session, average session duration, conversion rate and average order value.

Do you have further questions? We are happy to answer all of your concerns and help you to grow your business.