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How many visitors will I receive?

You will get as many new visitors as you send. For example; If you send us 1000 visitors, you will get as many new visitors back.

How do I know that I will receive as many visitors as I send to the

In our admin backend you can always monitor all the statistics related to our cooperation. You can see how many visitors you have sent, how many you received back to your site. You can also see how your widgets are performing and even which one of your posts is receiving the most clicks.

What is a widget?

You can think of a widget as a banner with interesting content that looks like a part of your page.

What control do I have over the widget and its contents that I show on my website?

You have complete control over the looks of you widget. The widget’s look and placement is entirely up to you. In our admin backend we even provide you with a source code for your widget, so you can customise it wherever and whenever you want. All just to suit your website. You can also decide what kind of articles you will show in your widget by selecting categories of quality content.

What are the best looks and placements for widgets?

Our experience shows that widgets positioned directly under the articles perform the best compared to other parts of the website. The best choice is to also install  the widgets on the front page of the website where they also generate a substantial number of new users for your website. Our experience also show that widgets with bigger images and highlighted text perform better than widgets with smaller images.

Why are the stats in your backend showing more received visitors that the stats in my Google analytics account?

Unlike Google analytics our system is counting every click you receive from our system to your site. This means that if a user opens 2 of your articles in a timespan of 30 minutes we will record two clicks, while Google analytics will only record one. This also means that  if a user clicks on two posts in the widget on your site, we record 2 clicks, while Google is only recording one. That means that we just present our statistic differently than GA does.

Where (on what websites) will links to my content show?

We will promote your content on the pages that are content-related to your website. Example: If you have a page or a blog that is focused on healthy food we will show your content to readers on other websites that are related to your content.

What will show in widgets on my website?

Widgets n your website will display only content that is relevant to your users. If your website is about cars, we will only show you content that is related to cars. If you want, your widget can also show different content that is complementary to your website’s content (sports, etc,..), you just have to tell us.

Will there be any ads in widget on my site?

We will not show any advertisements in widgets on your site, just interesting content for your readers.

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