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How it works

How it Works

ContentExchange is a network of different websites exchanging content among each other.
how it works - CE
ContentExchange is completely free, the only thing you need to do, to start exchanging content, is to publish a ContentExchange widget on your website.


Get new visitors!

ContentExchange works on a one to one compensation basis. The more visitors you send to ContentExchange, the more new visitors you get in return.

Improve your brand recognition!

By participating in ContentExchange network and promoting your content on other websites you expose your content / website / brand to visitors that do not necessary know your website / brand. You get better results in relation to the brand because people follow the content instead of a typical ads.

Optimize your website!

By adding ContentExchange widget to your website, you get new fresh relevant content which helps eliminate dead ends.

Build chosen website!

Cross-promote within all your websites or redirect all your visitors to chosen website and build its brand to become the number one.

Get all the advantages!

No start-up investment
No expenses for at least 3 years
No advertisement obligations
No IT development for your team (just implementation)

Choose the content for promotion!

Select what content you want to promote, monitor the statistics and results.


Why is ContentExchange free?

ContentExchange was developed with one intention only, help different websites exchange content among each other to increase their recognition and gain new visitors.

Will you ever have to pay?

No, ContentExchange is completely free and will stay free forever.

What will be shown in your widgets?

The widget on your website/blog will show relevant content from other partner websites that are in the same category as your own content. In some cases if you wish, content from other categories can also be presented.

Will you get relevant visitors?

ContentExchange is a network of premium websites with quality content only. Quality content is crucial for ContenExchange’s success. Because visitors follow content they are interested in, you are guaranteed an engaged visitor.

Increase your website’s audience today